Sorting out the compost heaps

Sunday was the sort of spring day that is really good for working in the garden: cloudy and not too warm – ideal conditions for turning out a compost heap.  I had resorted to topping up one of my heaps as I was running out of space around Christmas, so I knew there was some good stuff under the newer layers of waste – and so it turned out.  Read more…


Use it up!

If you’re doing any tidying in your garden now, make sure to spread some of your compost on!  The shrubs and borders will all benefit – you don’t have to dig it in, you can leave it on top and let the worms do the work, but I generally just scuff the surface to start the mixing.

Your vegetable patches will benefit from compost – although if you are growing root veg on them you shouldn’t add compost now, it will make the soil too rich and will encourage the roots to fork. Read more…

Composting at Christmas

Don’t forget to compost at Christmas. Those fruit and vegetable peelings from the Christmas dinner, as well as the paper napkins, and hats and inners from the crackers, can all be composted. Your garden will appreciate your efforts in the New Year.

Muck spreading

It’s a good time to be turning out and turning over your heaps.  If you have compost heaps that have sunk down but still have unrotted stuff on top, there will be compost ready to use near the bottom. Read more…

In the veg. patch

Well, using the compost in the vegetable patch has certainly made a difference to my veggies, especially in this dry weather (OK, I know it rained yesterday and this morning, but that’s exceptional). Read more…

Discount Bin Offer for 2010

Norfolk County Council  can supply bargain compost bins and accessories to Norfolk residents. As with the previous schemes, residents will deal directly with the supplier to place their order. Read more…

The Master Gardener Programme

The Master Gardener Programme is a new initiative from Garden Organic coming to Norfolk in August 2010

  • Aims to recruit, train and support community volunteers, Master Gardeners, to act as food growing mentors/ambassadors in their neighbourhoods. Master Gardeners will promote the benefits of ‘growing your own’ and provide advice and hands-on support for people taking part.
  • The Master Gardener Programme is funded by Local Food (Big Lottery Fund) and is working in local partnership with Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse (Norfolk County Council).
  • The Programme is managed by Garden Organic, the UK’s leading organic growing charity dedicated to researching and promoting organic gardening, farming and food.